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Kris Pieters Victors Design Agency Copyright: Rik Huybrechts

Kris Pieters


+32 473 36 02 33
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Sofie Wijmeersch Victors Design Agency Copyright: Rik Huybrechts

Sofie Wijmeersch

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+32 9 282 09 21
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"I cannot choose the best; the best chooses me". Victors Design Agency is active in the selective distribution of contemporary, timeless interior design products – both in Belgium as well as in Luxembourg. Victors particularly focuses on professionals who have a passion for design, a feel for good taste and also an eye for detail – in brief, ‘good taste professionals’ who realise that beautiful and good products are the result of non-stop investment in product development, design, the study of materials, etc.

* Victors: derived from the Latin victor (= (conquering) winner).
It is also the second name of founder Kris Pieters.

Victors work together with carefully selected manufacturers and brand names who follow the ‘dictates of their heart’ in exactly the same way as us. We act as an extension of or as a staging post for these businesses and we create added value with regard to distribution and service.

Together with Victors’ partners – retailers, (interior) designers, design bureaus, facilities and project managers, … – we contribute towards the creation of a whole product which is greater than the sum of its parts: a more beautiful and a better world which is very close to hand, as it is very specifically your living and working environment…

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